Synpulse: Guiding Financial Firms through Digital Transformation

Raphael Bianchi, Partner, SynpulseRaphael Bianchi, Partner
A host of different factors are subtly but distinctly changing the way financial organizations operate. Digitalization is bringing customer expectations to a new level by providing digital tools that offer cutting-edge services. Meanwhile, new regulatory frameworks—which aim to make the financial sector more resilient—are proving to be increasingly complex, forcing banks to transform their business models, operations, and infrastructure. Further, open banking, an approach that uses open APIs to enable third-party developers to build applications and services that drive speed and cost-effectiveness, is driving a need for increased security and structure for the transfer of data.

Effectively addressing all of these interrelated challenges, Synpulse, an internationally recognized management consulting company, supports banks and insurers along the entire value chain. The company’s know-how and best practices focus on three core competencies: Regulatory and Compliance, Digital Banking, and Operational Excellence. Within these areas of expertise, Synpulse has experience helping clients from the development of strategies and their operative realization to technical implementation and handover. “With our intimate knowledge of the latest digitalization trends, expertise in process optimization, operational intelligence, and a proven track record in the implementation of banking technology, we help financial organizations leverage digital developments to their advantage,” begins Raphael Bianchi, partner at Synpulse.

Looking at digitalization, Synpulse guides its clients through the design and implementation of holistic, technology-focused solutions to solve emerging challenges. Whether the need is to enhance essential functions like customer onboarding, better utilize data, or replace an entire core banking platform, Synpulse has a track record of effective project completion. “We have the necessary methodologies and tools to identify solutions and prioritize focused initiatives,” adds Bianchi. “We intend to help clients see past all the challenges and into the benefits that they can achieve from reinforcing digital strategies.”

When it comes to regulatory change, Synpulse helps companies with a comprehensive analysis of their position and then appropriately assists them in the development of digital banking strategies and implementation of new business models as well as delivering innovative offerings. "We keep a close eye on the current as well as emerging regulatory trends and are always ready to embrace challenges as they arise,” asserts Bianchi.

Turning to open banking, the company has also built an API management platform with various systematic and structured processes; interested clients can use this by integrating it into their core systems and use the services they need accordingly. Bianchi proceeds to state that innovation for Synpulse is not just about refining their existing services or coming up with new business models, rather it is about comprehending the challenges faced by their clients on a day-to-day basis, “we have dedicated our expertise to our clients’ central concerns.”

We keep a close eye on the current as well as emerging regulatory trends and are always ready to embrace challenges as they arise

Since its inception in 1996, Synpulse has achieved numerous awards and garnered a myriad of clients across 20 different countries. In the last 20 years, the firm has grown from a local Swiss company to an enterprise comprising diverse employees, with offices in the U.S., Germany, UK, Slovakia, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Bianchi credits Synpulse’s long-standing success and continued growth to the company’s employees. “Our people are a unique selling point, coming from diverse cultural backgrounds and bringing a wide range of educational and professional experiences which in turn leads to creative problem solving,” he states.

Looking to tomorrow, the company is working on applying its industry know-how across new areas to further strengthen its knowledge and geographically expand their services in other financial hubs like Australia. “We will continue to bring our time and expertise to clients that show trust in us and our services. We also plan on partnering with emerging and developed fintech companies that show promise in improving banking operations,” states Bianchi.