Pivotus: Reimagining Customer Engagement

CIO VendorShawn Ahmed, President & CEO
In the wake of digitalization, the banking industry has undergone a massive disruption, from a one-to-one, time-consuming physical interaction with their customers to onboarding them to a digital platform. While on one hand, banking customers fulfill their core banking needs conveniently from anywhere using self-service application features, on the other hand, banks benefit immensely in driving down the operational expenditure of servicing customers. However, the challenge with self-service applications is that customers are often unable to decide the best financial product that is suitable for them, given the countless choices available. Clearly, the lack of human interaction results in subpar experience, pushing customers to visit the physical branch and consult the banker, even for a financial advice. California-based Pivotus fills the gaps in customer engagement with their state-of-the-art real-time and interactive live chat platform that helps banks enrich their relationship with customers. “We bring the best of banking capabilities to the digital world with our platform that caters to the evolving banking needs of the customers, right on their digital location,” informs Shawn Ahmed, President and CEO of Pivotus.

Pivotus provides bankers and customers alike with a chat platform to digitally interact in real time. “Our solution assists customers to take decisions related to major monetary events in their lives, be it for children’s education, private business, or health. This is the kind of relationship that we help banks build with their customers,” elucidates Ahmed.
Cementing the bankers’ relationship with customers, the firm offers a web-based workforce management application that allows personal bankers to view customer history and manage multiple chats simultaneously. The application provides the flexibility to bring in multiple support professionals on the same platform. For instance, if the customer needs advice on ‘debt consolidation,’ the live agent immediately introduces a subject matter expert with relevant knowledge.

Our solution assists customers to take decisions related to major monetary events in their lives, be it for children’s education, private business, or health

In additon, Pivotus assists banks with a comprehensive knowledge source to train their agents on how to incorporate empathy in conversations, use templates, and implement a marketing strategy to drive those conversations in a meaningful way. “We are not just a chat app platform that facilitates two-way communication. Our job is to create an environment for the personal banker to be truly supercharged and have the capability to predict and think ahead of time to meet the customers' needs,” expresses Ahmed.

As a case in point, Pivotus aided one of its clients to remodel their communication strategy to reinforce their relationship with customers. Instead of directing customers to the menu on their website or mobile application to find the products they needed, the bank offered a personal banker who helped customers through a live chat during each visit. Through Pivotus’ live chat platform, the client allowed their personal bankers to perform mundane and time-consuming documentation process on behalf of customers, making it easier for customers to buy the products they were interested in right from their comfort zone. As a result, the client witnessed an increased customer retention rate by nearly 34 percent after six months of onboarding customers using the live chat platform.

Continuing its streak of innovation, Pivotus plans to build a software development kit to integrate both outbound and inbound communication channels to empower agents to serve customers ubiquitously. Determined to augment the capabilities of agents, the firm envisions incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms into their platform to fathom patterns of customer behavior and recognize who they are talking to.