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Top 10 Fintech Solution Companies - 2021

As a result of recent advancements in technology, people’s banking practices have changed due to fintech’s significant impact on the banking industry. Fintechs are decreasing banks’ major roles such as money transferring and allowing institutions and individuals to offer better, faster, and less expensive services. Banks can benefit from fintech startups’ specialized services and solutions, such as risk analysis, large transaction volumes, and less transaction time. The impact of technology on banking services is putting not only the traditional banking business model, but also the old financial regulatory structure to test, resulting in a shift in banking business models as well as financial services principles.

Blockchain plays a significant role in the management of data breaking and other fraudulent operations to enable fintech businesses to share and transfer safe and unaltered data through a decentralized network. Fintech built on the blockchain allows for quick money transactions, top-notch security, and transparency in financial tracking.

Banks are using Artificial Intelligence to analyze data in real-time. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bots offer the potential to enhance capabilities, cut costs, and improve client experience. Financial firms also use AI to make better investment decisions and better manage people’s asset portfolios.

At this juncture, various Fintech Solution Providers are entering the market to cater to the different needs of enterprises. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Banking CIO Outlook has compiled a list of the most promising Fintech Solution Providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Fintech Solution Providers - 2021’.

    Top Fintech Solution Companies

  • Abrigo provides market-leading compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions that empower clients to think bigger while managing risk and growing their businesses. Their mission to "Make Big Things Happen" demonstrates their commitment to assisting community financial institutions in navigating "the perfect storm" of constantly changing and increasing regulatory requirements, limited resources, increased and new competition, evolving technologies, and shifting customer expectations. They deliver cutting-edge products, world-class support, and unmatched experience to enable their customers to do great things

  • Buckzy Payments offers near real-time cross-border payment settlement via multicurrency bank accounts and banking-as-a-service solutions to financial institutions worldwide.Catering to traditional banks, digital-only neobanks, and fintechs, Buckzy offers super-fast global payments and banking services 24/7, 365 days a year, with significant cost reduction through its blockchain-enabled platform. With a turnaround time of less than two minutes, Buckzy enables almost instant banks-to-bank and bank-to-wallet cross-border transactions,integrating with more than 30 digital wallets, and multicurrency bank accounts that support 60 currencies. Further, Buckzy offers spot rates on forex, leading to further reduction in transaction costs for financial institutions

  • Enlighten Operational Excellence helps businesses streamline business processes and achieve dramatic and sustainableoperational transformations. With Enlighten’s programs, Fintechs gain complete transparency on business processes that allows them to increase productivity and customer satisfaction while lowering costs at the same time. The company offers an operational management system that seamlessly allows Fintechs to continuously measure, analyze, and improve operational performance. It provides a dashboard at all levels, including individual, team, and executive levels, giving stakeholders clear visibility into productivity, efficiency, quality, employee engagement, and customer service levels. This allows clients to harmonize performance goals with quality and service objectives at every level of the organization

  • MoCaFi is a financial services platform for the 110 million Americans who are experiencing economic hardship and have no way out. Their platform includes a prepaid Mastercard, an FDIC-insured bank account, a money management app, bill payment for credit building, and personal wealth coaching. They are assisting communities in spending wisely, building credit, and living prosperous lives

  • Tilled allows B2B software companies to enjoy all the benefits of becoming a PayFac without any upfront investment or ongoing overhead. Tilled eliminates the arduous and expensive processes of becoming a PayFac by allowing software companies to integrate its APIs and launch the payment process in about two to three weeks. More importantly, as companies do not need to hire any additional employees to manage the process, they can do away with any additional liabilities. And the biggest takeaway is, Tilled continues to pay its clients a lion's share of the revenue on all the transactions that are flowing through their software systems

  • BlackLine


    Cloud software supplier BlackLine has become a leader in automating and controlling financial closing and accounting operations. Traditional manual accounting systems are not viable for many businesses, which is why they turn to BlackLine. With their aid, businesses may migrate from traditional bookkeeping to modern accounting by consolidating their data and automating repetitive tasks

  • FIS


    A global leader in the development of tomorrow's technology, solutions, and services, FIS has been helping clients around the world prosper for more than half a century. With the size, expertise, and data-driven insights, they connect merchants, banks, and capital markets to solve their clients' future problems and create experiences that are simpler, more frictionless, and more secure to improve how the world pays, banks, and invests

  • Fiserv


    American global Fortune 500 corporation Fiserv is based in Brookfield, Wisconsin and offers financial technology and services. Customers of the company include financial institutions such as banks, thrifts, and credit unions, as well as securities brokers and dealers and retailers. The company offers a variety of services including account processing and digital banking solutions as well as payment processing services and e-commerce e-commerce

  • Urban FT

    Urban FT

    With the industry's first and most competent FinTech Core, Urban FT is a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping financial institutions create excellent customer-driven digital experiences. In the increasingly fragmented and overcomplicated banking, payments, and FinTech ecosystems they tackle the obstacles

  • Workiva


    Workiva helps thousands of companies around the world by making complex work simpler. Customer's trust in the open Workiva platform for data, documents and teams is clever and intuitive. As a result, efficiency has increased, transparency has increased, and risk has decreased