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Booshan Rengachari, founder and CEO, FinzlyBooshan Rengachari, founder and CEO
Powered by a new way of thinking and cutting-edge technologies, SpaceX surprised the world with its ability to launch rockets and spacecraft at a tenth of the cost. In other industries too, the adoption of cloud technologies and modern architectures, among others, have brought new possibilities previously unimagined. With continuous technology evolution, consumers have grown accustomed to digitally-driven experiences. While the world is moving in tandem with sustained technology adoption, the financial services industry remains hostage to archaic legacy systems. Like many other industries, financial institutions desire the ability to offer new-age, user-friendly services and solutions to their customers, but they lack a solution that can help them break away from the constraints of a weak technical foundation.

Enter Finzly, a fintech provider of modern banking applications with a mission to free financial institutions from the burden of legacy technologies by providing them an onramp to digital enablement. “As we bridge the gap between the legacy systems and digital platforms, financial institutions can cater to the growing demands of their customers by transforming one application or department at a time,” says Booshan Rengachari, founder and CEO of Finzly. By overlaying Finzly’s BankOS, a unique, cloud-based bank operating system, atop their existing legacy systems, these institutions can enhance their multi-year, multimillion-dollar technology investments. With a simple ‘subscribe, try and launch’ model, financial institutions are enabled to choose from available Finzly-developed digital applications, such as payment hub and digital account opening, or partner with best of breed fintech providers through BankOS.

BankOS empowers financial institutions to deliver a modern banking experience to their customers

Freeing themselves from long-term technology contracts, financial institutions can reduce implementation timelines and go to market faster, eliminating limitations of core technology to innovate at fintech speed.

“BankOS empowers financial institutions to deliver a modern banking experience to their customers,” says Rengachari. Finzly provides APIs and software development kits (SDK) to its clients to seamlessly integrate their app of choice, including digital account opening, payment hub, foreign exchange and trade finance, or build their own apps for various services. The apps are preconnected with all the payment networks, including Fedwire, ACH, RTP and SWIFT. Finzly’s open banking API allows financial institutions to connect with their fintech partners and the treasury management systems of their customers, as well as automate transactions across systems with minimal human intervention while avoiding unnecessary costs. Built on an architecture that uses open banking, cloud technologies, microservices and micro applications, BankOS enables institutions to implement new digital apps to further extend their development options.

Currently, Finzly is helping a bank replace their manual approach to back-office processes with digital technologies that allow its fintech customers to open new accounts and process payments using APIs, at scale. This will help the bank reduce costs, inefficiencies, and human errors, while establishing a modern infrastructure to better serve their customers, work with more fintech companies, and meet all of the industry’s compliance mandates.

Because of its unique value proposition, Finzly is achieving rapid growth within the industry. Unlike legacy technology or companies offering point solutions, Finzly’s comprehensive, innovative platform helps its clients steer clear of the administrative overhead of dealing with multiple vendors, products and contracts. With such value to offer, Finzly continues to partner with more companies and take its value to new clients across North America.

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Booshan Rengachari, founder and CEO


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