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The unforeseen onset of the COVID-19 has made even the most tech-shy segments of the United States population adopt mobile banking as branch visits are no more a safe option. This shift has trigged an increasing customer demand for applications that not only replicate the in-branch experience but focuses more customization over generalization. To address this trend, financial institutions are on the lookout for ways to modernize their legacy models, deliver seamless digital services to customers and improve their overall experience, derive value from customer insights to improve performance, and create opportunities for greater profitability. They need a reliable partner to strategize and execute the adoption of cutting-edge FinTech solutions.

Enter Enterprise Engineering (EEI).

The industry-leading IT consulting services firm specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of services to help institutions deliver open, modern capabilities and simplify digital transformation. “We work with leading institutions to unravel aging systems that are overly complex and guide them to choose the best technologies which can provide maximum value to the business,” says George Anderson, Founder and Chairman of EEI.

Since its inception in 1995, the company has been serving as a trusted advisor for financial services institutions, assisting them to navigate the changing horizon, future proof their business, and maintain a competitive advantage. In the words of William V. Trapani, the Executive Vice President and CRO at EEI, “Our services provide clients with the expertise to maximize use of technology, applications, and human capital to minimize financial data complexities.” Backed by a team of expert FinTech architects, EEI’s service portfolio includes legacy application modernization strategies and assessment, infrastructure optimization and virtualization practices, and application architecture and development for the cloud, to name a few. With such a powerful portfolio, EEI helps clients in getting the best platform that works in tandem with new technologies, and augments scalability.

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What gives EEI an edge over the competition is its capability to provide a unique balance of planning, execution, and post-implementation support. To do this, the company adopts an out-of-the-box methodology where they conduct FinTech readiness assessment to understand a bank’s capabilities in technology adoption, customer interaction, and service delivery. This helps EEI to build customized strategies that can assist clients to attain a roadmap not only to compete with the peer group, but to make a long stride to stay ahead of the pack.

To further elaborate on EEI’s value proposition, Trapani recalls its recent collaboration with one of the top 10 bank in the U.S. that was looking to service all its FinTech channels. They wanted to handle over two million requests for client data from different solutions through various channels. As such, they were looking for a robust solution to efficiently manage their business without affecting their core functionality. EEI’s team of experts worked with the client to design a unique architecture and put together a solution that empowered them to successfully handle above 3 million requests per day. As a result, the client was able to enhance its business operations, customer satisfaction, and their revenue streams.

With several such success stories, EEI is envisioning to help bank partners with FinTech solutions and enable them to white label their banking operations, helping banks to further augment their revenue streams. “We are constantly working toward seamless integration of banking operations with FinTech to make a revolutionary change in the industry for augmenting future banking experience,” concludes Anderson.

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Enterprise Engineering

Enterprise Engineering

New York, NY

William V. Trapani, Executive Vice President and CRO; George Anderson, founder and chairman

Enterprise Engineering is an industry-leading IT consulting services firm that assists institutions to future proof their business and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing marketplace by providing a comprehensive suite of services. The company pioneers in providing application modernization services for financial institutions helping them with their digital transformation initiatives. They work with leading institutions to unravel aging systems that are overly complex and guide them to choose the best technologies that provide maximum value to the business. EEI helps enhance customer experience, provide organizations with a modern platform that works in tandem with new technologies, and augments scalability.